Five Common Pet Grooming Myths

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Owning a pet comes with numerous responsibilities. Apart from feeding your furry friend, you also need to bath, brush and walk your pet regularly to keep her healthy and happy. Nevertheless, your busy work schedule may not allow you to groom your dog or cat adequately. For this reason, you should consider hiring professional dog groomers to help keep your pet clean and neat. Pet grooming services come with so many benefits for the owner as well as the pet. But before you pick up the phone, here are some myths about pet grooming that we need to debunk:

Regular Baths Will Hurt Your Pet

One of the most common myths revolving around pet grooming is that your pet does not require regular baths. Many pet owners assume that excessive bathing will only make the skin of your dog or cat dry. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Whether you have a dog or a cat, you need to give them frequent baths to keep their fur intact and help them smell better. Bathing your pet also prevents skin diseases and keeps pests like ticks at bay.

Pets Can Use Any Shampoo

Human shampoo and pet shampoo might have striking similarities, but this does not mean you should use any product when bathing your pet. The skin of a dog or a cat is extremely sensitive to various ingredients found in human shampoos. It has a more neutral pH level compared to human’s skin; hence it won’t be able to withstand the acidic content of human hair products. Always ask your vet or your pet care provider to recommend the best shampoo to use on your dog or cat.

Only Certain Breeds Need Grooming

Another common myth that needs to be debunked is that pet grooming is a preserve for specific breeds only. Apparently, many pet owners assume that only breeds with longer or thicker coats require grooming. However, that’s hardly anything but false. All pets require equal grooming opportunities whether they have long or short coats. You should groom your dog or cat regularly and bath them every week or two to keep their coats healthy.

Some Dogs Do Not Shed

Some dogs are heavy shedders while others do not seem to shed at all. However, the truth is that all dogs do shed their coats, especially during the hot seasons. This means you have to brush your dog regularly to keep the coat looking good. Your dog may inhale loose hair accidently and this may lead to kennel cough. Brushing your dog frequently will go a long way to prevent such incidents. Low shedding breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles also require frequent grooming to maintain their coats.

You Have to Shave Your Dog in The Summer

Another laughable myth is that you must shave your dog every summer. Although the summer heat can sometimes be unbearable, you do not have to shave your dog down for whatever reason. The thick coat will help your dog regulate temperature during the hot season. Besides, their fur provides protection against various elements such as dust, dirt and extreme heat. With this in mind, it is only reasonable that you leave your dog’s hair untouched.

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