Five Exciting Reasons to Use Office 365

Office 365 UAE

A functional product of Microsoft, Office 365 UAE is an integrated cloud service that has been introduced to help businesses obtain more with the help of immaculate security and updated services. It rounds up its arsenal with powerful Office applications that caters to all businesses. It understands what contributes towards the success of businesses and alleviates their productivity through its comprehensive approach.
Office 365 is loaded with salient features that deliver nothing less than excellence. Here are the top 5 features that have got everyone drooling:

Effective Communication

Office 365 provides a notable feature that allows the employees to communicate via Skype. This feature brings together two efficient services which help the team members to connect visually and orally. It also allows people to share screens and send messages. The prime aspect of this feature is that there is no time limit thus allowing smooth conversation without any hindrance.

Structured Planning

Office 365 with the help of Planner allows you to create a plan that acts as a roadmap for all the team members. It lays down the required work to be done by an individual and once it’s completed it automatically allows the following person to continue and carry out the task. The team can have a complete view of the finished work, remaining tasks, deadlines and goals to achieve through calendars, dashboards and more.

List Your Priorities

Inboxes overloaded with mails is a common site to see which can sometimes get overwhelming. Office 365 studies your mail pattern, based on that it highlights and puts forward important messages first and then the rest of the messages. The messages that are considered less important are then transferred into a folder named ‘Clutter’ which can later be viewed at your convenience.

Well-Organized Reading

Sometimes a prime document can be lengthy and maneuvering through it can be a daunting task. Office 365 provides an effective feature that allows you to read the text from where you left it the last time. This feature puts a stop to endless scrolling as it bookmarks the last read page and makes reading easy.

Easy Creation and Sharing

Office 365 offers an interactive and creative application called Microsoft Sway that allows businesses to breathe life into their ideas. By just selecting and dropping pictures, text and more, it helps to create engaging presentations and reports that don’t require any tutoring. Bid adieu to all the heavy files, as it offers the benefit of sharing your professional illustration just by a link on any device with anyone at any time.
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